June 30, 2011

The Diva Deal of the Day....

For all of you folks who love to take pictures... but are horrible about developing them.. i have a deal for YOU!
First.. go to  Clark Color and sign up for an account...for that small step.. you will receive 40 free 4x6 credits!! And if you use the code... 11CA3CP.. at checkout.. any additional prints will only be 3 cents! Well that's up until midnight tonight that is.. so you better get on it!! 
*signing off with Picture Perfect X's & O's* 

June 29, 2011

Diva Deal of the Day

So in order to separate myself from the MASSES blog jockeys...
 I have decided to bring to you .....
Today's deal.... Ice Cream Social at Denver Zoo!!

This $5 ticket, that can only me bought online up until 6*30*11, is like.. THEE best deal EVER!!

$5 to be in the zoo from 6:30-9:00 pm and all you can eat Blue Bell ice cream... If you're not there ... well i'm pretty sure you just missed out! 

So head to THE DENVER ZOO WEBSITE and type in the word SWEET at checkout to take advantage of this hot Deal!! 

*signing off with growly X'S & O's* 

June 23, 2011

true... Tarte

Tarte Cosmetics and True Blood are teaming up for a brand new line .... and it is HOT!! 
Blood red being the inspiration of course!!! 

This line is available now at Sephora .... and will be on the Tarte website as well as shopHBO.com on 6/29/11. So keep a look out and let's paint the town.. or your face red!!! :) 
*signing off with blood red X's &O's* 

June 22, 2011

Versace heading to H&M... YES!

Could this be a dream come true…. If it is.. please don’t pinch me!!!

I suppose it’s bigger deal if you reside in the Mile High City…. As we are expecting the birth of the first H&M out here… so bear with the extra enthusiasm please. 

Grecian geometric patterns, slim-fit LBD’s, metallic micro-minis, and fluro-colored foulard-print dresses are all on the menu….PS… No Polyester!!

Keep on the lookout at hm.com for the launch of this amazing new line!!
*signing off with anxious X’s & O’s* 

June 21, 2011

rent a friend..... cuz we all need friends

I never pass up a chance to give a helping hand to those less fortunate than me... i volunteer... i look for jobs for people... i feed the friends... and now... i'm bringing to you ... RENT A FRIEND ONLINE!! *dead*

This is exclusively for those who just seem to rub everyone in REAL life the wrong way...or have a tendency to jock steeze.... so for only $10 US dollars I gotcha covered... well Rent a Friend  gotcha covered!! HAHAHAHA
*signing off with snarky X's & O's* 

Unlock this.

In my daily web surfing travels...i come across some pretty cool ... some pretty strange and some something s that just make me laugh.... 
Honestly, this has to be one that covers all three. Seriously. Hilarious. 

That's right folks... They are slide to Unlock panties!!!
Slide into a pair... HERE ... You know you want em!! 
*signing off with locked X's & O's* 

Tuesday's with Des...

June 20, 2011

Monday Man Candy.... Eric Bana

Sexy Stats:

Born August 9th, 1968 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia…
Sexy Because of his INCREDIBLE good looks… and stellar acting skills …
Sexy Moments: every time he steps in front of the camera!!! Hellooooo
Sex Life: Married since 1997 to publicist Rebecca Gleeson and they have two kids.
Sext…er NEXT project; “Hanna” with Cate Blanchett and Saoirse Ronan.

Troy.. being one of my favorite movies and Hector being my favorite character..... jet propelled this man into my 'Man Candy Mondays' 
Eric Bana...One Steamy.... Dreamy....Piece of Candy.. arm or eye.. it's all good with me. 
*signing off with steamy X's & O's* 

June 17, 2011

June 15, 2011

Jimmy Choo Celebrates 15

A young company, comparatively, 
Jimmy Choo is a GIANT among the shoe famous!!
To celebrate.. Jimmy Choo will be reissuing a 15 piece collection of its most iconic styles, including red carpet favorites, classic standards, and that feather heel that was lost in Sex and the City

PLUS... , Jimmy Choo will launch a Jimmy Choo Foundation and a special coffee-table book—Very fashionable eh???
*signing off with strappy X's & O's*

We Were Chillin in the Park...

Just waiting for the sun to go down... Yep go ahead finish it out for me... I know all  the Real dope Friends know where this is going... 

Casuals CC 2nd Annual "Dreamin On Chrome" Car Show is finally here! JUNE 18TH!! Show and Shine, which means free entry for all vehicles! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come out and let their ride shine! Doesn't matter if you have a lowrider, donk, ratrod, tuner, whatever! If you have it, come show it! (Move in is at 10am) We have lots going on that day! Lots of local vendors, a jumping castle for the kids, raffle drawings, live art, sound competition (provided by Audio Xxpressions), Dj Lazy Eyez on the 1's and 2's and live performances by Turner Jackson, Colorado Casuals and NitroBillies! All this is going down at the Thornton Rec Center Fields on 108th and Colorado! FREE ENTRY FOR EVERYONE! Show starts at noon! See you there!

 Sponsors include....  Fast Cash Pawn, Exhaust Pros, Supper Solutions, Mascarenas Landscape, Summit Wine & Spirits, Fee. J LaRoux Salon, Medina Insurance, High Class Auto Glass, Iman Woods  State Farm, Riverdale Wine & Spirits, Ashley Quezada PhotographyWhorebath ClothingPin Up Pretty and Linx Jewelry. Boom!
There will be raffle drawings from.... The Decadent Diva, Diamond Boiz,Selko, 2 Phree Photos, Denver Frank, Xencs, Money Stackin Records, Nicole TOB, Baja Tans, Swank Salon and Bagel Bakery!

So Come on out and support the Casuals... check out some killer Chrome.. and try your hand at winning some diva treats... 
*Signing off with Chromed X's & O's* 

June 14, 2011

For the Mini Decadent one!

Lanvin... a name synonymous with luxury has launced a line of clothes for tiny tots that will have even little Suri Cruise drooling. Unveiled last night in the UK.. Lanvin is getting ready to take over Luxury Childrens Wear!! 
So if you have a mini diva on your list.. and you have a butt load of money... this is what you should look into... 

Almost makes me wanna have a kid.... ALMOST!! lol 
Look for it later this summer!! 
*signing off with designer tot X's & O's* 

June 9, 2011

I'm just Sayin.... a lot.

There are things that need to be said, and i'm sure that you are listening...
I've had a lot on my mind and have done some serious soul searching and friend pruning in the last few weeks... here are my thoughts... take them with a grain of salt or a pound of gold.. it's your choice. 

 Financial Problems will come and go.. the trick is not to let it bring you your knees...I'm learning.
 I love rain... and am seriously contemplating a move to Seattle... you WILL miss me...
People who you have helped in the past are very rarely around when you need help in the present.
 When it comes right down to it, you are the only one who cares about you. no one else really gives two shits about the problems you are going through,

The only biter i want in my life is the kind that you find in bed!!! 
I see you tryin to do me... and it's not a good look for you.... Find your own talent and tap 
into it... mine's already in motion.. Yo.

  Boozin it up never solves anything in the long run... it just postpones it and adds a headache to the mix.
I don't forgive very easily.. and never forget...  It's kept some scandalous biz at arms length.
 There's always that ONE person who will always have a piece of my <3... it's been years ..... yet when i see that face.. this  heart still breaks... 
 ironically.. the only thing that makes me feel better about being broke is shopping... vicious circle.

 I could talk and post online for 24 hours a day and you STILL wouldn't even get a glimpse into who i really am.. so stop thinking you have the inside track cuz we are friends on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr... etc.
I am not your babysitter/go to gal when you're dumped/ or second rate anything.... so if that's the case... keep it movin... thank you much. 
 i like all the ingredients in Pico de Gallo... but i don't like pico... #diva
 If there's something in the past that you are not happy about... GTFO it already.... it's the past stupid. You can't change it.. so learn from it and quit your crying. No one likes a Sissy.
  What i do... has absolutely nothing to do with you.... in any regards... 
I'm a SCORPIO...from head to toe... Google that shit if you have beef... you'll ground it up and eat it after reading a little bit more about me.
Karen Walker is my personal Hero!!! I wanna be her when i grow up!!

  People don't appreciate honesty as much as you'd like to think.
 Crispy Shrimp Tacos from Del Taco ARE the biz. just without pico!!
 My Attitude is totally reactionary .... 
 I hate when friends support #lameBehavior .. you are not doing that person any favors by not telling them the truth... I'm just sayin. 
Give the "good guy' a chance.... odds are those chances are better desereved than the ones handed out to douche bags.
 I have now officially begun selling the Diva Strawberries to the Public At large... so holler if you need a treat...You will sooooooo thank me later!!! 

*signing off with HONEST X's n O's* 

June 8, 2011

I want this... Yesterday.

Because every B needs a B towel for the B-each... lol

*signing off with Bitchy X's & O's* 

June 7, 2011

9mm Earphones

Who is always looking for dynamo ear buds... me that is who. 
so you know i'm gonna be super duper happy when i stumbled across these little gems...

9mm bud bullets for the absolute win of the day. You know you love them... and you know you need them... Hey! They're kinda like me!! Ha!
*signing off with 9mm X's &O's* 

These are just thoughts.... Think with me...