June 9, 2011

I'm just Sayin.... a lot.

There are things that need to be said, and i'm sure that you are listening...
I've had a lot on my mind and have done some serious soul searching and friend pruning in the last few weeks... here are my thoughts... take them with a grain of salt or a pound of gold.. it's your choice. 

 Financial Problems will come and go.. the trick is not to let it bring you your knees...I'm learning.
 I love rain... and am seriously contemplating a move to Seattle... you WILL miss me...
People who you have helped in the past are very rarely around when you need help in the present.
 When it comes right down to it, you are the only one who cares about you. no one else really gives two shits about the problems you are going through,

The only biter i want in my life is the kind that you find in bed!!! 
I see you tryin to do me... and it's not a good look for you.... Find your own talent and tap 
into it... mine's already in motion.. Yo.

  Boozin it up never solves anything in the long run... it just postpones it and adds a headache to the mix.
I don't forgive very easily.. and never forget...  It's kept some scandalous biz at arms length.
 There's always that ONE person who will always have a piece of my <3... it's been years ..... yet when i see that face.. this  heart still breaks... 
 ironically.. the only thing that makes me feel better about being broke is shopping... vicious circle.

 I could talk and post online for 24 hours a day and you STILL wouldn't even get a glimpse into who i really am.. so stop thinking you have the inside track cuz we are friends on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr... etc.
I am not your babysitter/go to gal when you're dumped/ or second rate anything.... so if that's the case... keep it movin... thank you much. 
 i like all the ingredients in Pico de Gallo... but i don't like pico... #diva
 If there's something in the past that you are not happy about... GTFO it already.... it's the past stupid. You can't change it.. so learn from it and quit your crying. No one likes a Sissy.
  What i do... has absolutely nothing to do with you.... in any regards... 
I'm a SCORPIO...from head to toe... Google that shit if you have beef... you'll ground it up and eat it after reading a little bit more about me.
Karen Walker is my personal Hero!!! I wanna be her when i grow up!!

  People don't appreciate honesty as much as you'd like to think.
 Crispy Shrimp Tacos from Del Taco ARE the biz. just without pico!!
 My Attitude is totally reactionary .... 
 I hate when friends support #lameBehavior .. you are not doing that person any favors by not telling them the truth... I'm just sayin. 
Give the "good guy' a chance.... odds are those chances are better desereved than the ones handed out to douche bags.
 I have now officially begun selling the Diva Strawberries to the Public At large... so holler if you need a treat...You will sooooooo thank me later!!! 

*signing off with HONEST X's n O's* 

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