May 26, 2010

LollipaRUza 2010

Shiiiiiiit you already KNOW!!!! 

Be there to get the get down with all the DOPEST, FLYEST MOST TALENTED performers in the MILE HIGH CITY!!!! 

You're gonna be WOWED like you've never been wowed before LOL.. i GUARANTEE it!! 

May 25, 2010

Nintendo fanatic!! ;)

For all of you that DON"T know me... and that's probably most of you.... i'm a Nintendo lover!! Super Mario Brothers in particular! 

Video game culture is just that, a culture unto itself. It has its own language, and now its own fashion line. The Sparkly Mario Eveningwear based its designs around the famous ‘Super Mario Bros.’ games.
Designed by a fashion major graduate, the collection was the culmination of all the skills she had learned. Featuring an actual sequined Mario dress,  to a Bob-omb and mushroom dress, the Sparkly Mario Eveningwear undoubtedly brought the house down. Or is just gave you an extra life, and an invincibility star! Way too SWEEEEEEEET!!!
(thanks to Trend Hunter for the info) 
This corset is not from the same line.. but packs the same amount of punch!! 
The Super Mario Bros. corset by Vintage Doctors is a colorful combination of images of Mario and Luigi along with feminine bows and polka dots. HOLY HELL SO COOL!!!! 

Last, but surely NOT least.... The ‘Money Power Woman’ tee from Split Reason uses Super Mario characters to get across their important message: “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.”

makes me giggle.... every time!

Condom Sponsers funny picture

The Uber Amazing... Antoine Helbert

I'm super enthralled with the work of Antoine Helbert... i mean seriously enthralled... i've spents DAYS on his website just perusing...
He combines fantasy and whimsicalness.. with Eclecticism and a distorted reality...with a sexual undertone! Brilliant!! and always a good time... and don't forget to look closely... because some have some "background" images that are great *wink*

Yes, i LOVE Marie Antionette!!! "Let Them Eat Cake!!"

This one reminds me of a special person who loves birds *wink* 

and this one of a very special hat LOVER!!! 

and who doesn't love little love treats... 

cat scratches eh???? ;) sweet!

super cool... primpin super hero style lol
And My Personal FAVE!!!  Stupid CUPID!!! 
visit HIS WEBSITE to see the rest of this AMAZING work!!! 

May 20, 2010

Wooden handbag craze... well sorta.... LOL

If you're not a handbag aficionado... which most are not.. you probably aren't too familiar with Timmy Woods Beverly Hills... 
Since her launch in 1992 Timmy has been creating artful, usually wooden, handbags for all sorts of celebs and former First Ladies... 

eiffel tower clutchEiffel Tower Crystal Clutch
The Eiffel Tower Clutch by Timmy Woods looks more like a decorative piece for your home than a bag that you could wear. Part quirky, part charming, and completely extravagant, this Eiffel Tower replica is certainly eye catching. Handmade from acacia wood and features a silk cord handle, it is excessively adorned with Swarovski crystals that give off a breathtaking and shimmering glow.  For a mere $4,714, you can have a Parisian landmark hanging from your arm. Yes, the bag might look familiar.. as it was part of the Sex in the City original movie! 
Below are just a few more whimsical handbags one might find from the mind and hands of Timmy Woods...
Diamond Phone with Stones

my personal fave
Jackson Handbag With Glove
And as she was a huuuge MJ fan... there is a handbag with the infamous white glove adorning it... $500.00 price tag on that lovely... 
Visit for your very own!!!

May 19, 2010

Randomness.... Part. 1 i'm sure... LOL

11.png picture by dezz530

moon.jpg picture by dezz530

blikephotography.jpg picture by dezz530

z149619194.jpg picture by dezz530

Wu&Wu's Dumpling Dynasty

I don't have any kids... but that does and will not detour me from having child-esque items in my possession LOL... I love them!! 
So in that same spirit... i bring to you the amazing world of Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty...and i know you all just smiled a LEEEEEEETLE bit when you saw the name... Go ahead.. say it out loud!! lol
and don't forget to stop by HERE to see their website and pick up a few of these great little packages of love!

OMG i'm putting this on my ever growing wish list RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK!! 
Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit is a rainy-day treat for those little emperors and empresses, raise the wooden spoon to Wu & Wu's inspirational new baking kit. Sugary-sweet but iced with a tasty Chinese design, the packaging has been lovingly illustrated by Wu & Wu's very special Fiona Hewitt.
Each kit comes complete with set of celebration candles, rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters, cupcake cases and recipes for iced-star cookies and fancy cupcakes. My nice, who loves to bake and such is going to love hers... well OURS :P

Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty Explorer Kit is the perfect gift to get those tv-watching, computer-game-addicted boys off their butts and into the outdoors, and i know you all know one... well probably more than one... so grab a few!!!  Inside this gift-giver's delight of a tin, you will find a carefully chosen vintage-style metal flashlight, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil. So wished i'd have seen these a few years ago.. my baby bro would have LOVED one!!! 

There's four tin Darling Dynasty coasters, a comprehensive Asian cocktail guide (Shanghai-tini anyone?), flamingo stirrers, Chinese-style cocktail parasols and the world's coolest peacock and fan-tail fish cocktail-party decorations. All this, in the DOPEST of Asian tin designs you have ever seen!! Your friends will love you forever. 

Mirror, mirror in the hall, look out because the compact in this beauty kit is the prettiest of all! You've seen it in the magazines and the style guides and now you can add this beautiful little tin of treasures to your stash of shiny, precious things. Beautifully illustrated tin containing a compact mirror, designed nail clippers, five piece make-up brushes, tweezers and nail file, it's prefect for the on-the-go kinda diva.

In addition to these effin fantasmic kits.. there are also small make up bags, chopsticks, tea cups and more... and since there are kits and gifts for bother genders... finding the perfect one won't be toooooo hard!!! 
Happy Shopping!

Very Superstitious.....

No, not the Stevie Wonder Song, but a line of fragrances from the awesome collaboration of the very swanky Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.  I'm light Blue kinda gal.. so i was very drawn to the new line... 
Tyson Ballou for D&G Le Bateleur 1 fragrance
Le Bateleur is the one of two "cologne" scents  in the D&G Fragrance Anthology line. Like L'Amoureux, Le Bateleur is a soft cologne that even women could pull off. It's a very transparent cedar vetiver with a watery pear note + grapefruit, very feminine and watery while the drydown becomes not just transparent white woody but also watery lilac-cyclamen. Made for men, but can be adorned by women. The ad features Tyson Ballou... um YUM! 
Model Naomi Campbell for D&G L'Imperatrice 3 perfume

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is the face for L'Imperatrice 3, the first of the women scents. The 'EMPRESS'  is a mouthwatering concoction of exotic fruits and pink florals and features notes of watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk.  L'Imperatrice is a girly perfume is surprisingly understated. Great spring Fragrance!

Ahhhhh Amor LOL.. L’Amoureaux 6 is the 2nd 'cologne' fragrance in the line; but since the line boasts Uni-Sex all can be worn by both male and female.. making sharing so much more pleasant LOL... The official list of notes include: spices, bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, orris, wood and musk.and a big ol Hello to Noah Mills and his handsomeness... much LOVE to you! :) 

La Roue de la Fortune 10 features 2 of the most beautiful people in the known world.. making me believe that is THEIR fortune... hahaha. All kidding aside... the fourth installment (if you're going numerically)  This perfume is actually a rather nice girly DECADENT scent. It's a heady mix of nectar dripping florals and creamy fruits. While it's  sweet, it's never cloying or overly saturated. Also there is little in the base to offer this perfume a sense of mystery or sensuality. So all in all, it smells youthful, wearable and edible! The official list of notes includes: tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli.

and finally 18 La Lune...with the beautiful Claudia Schiffer as cover... OYE!!  La Lune is well-rounded, slightly sweet and very womanly. The notes include: lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, iris root and leather. It's safe to say that the leather and sandalwood notes are extremely soft if not all together negligible. But the mix of florals and sweet musk is very dainty! 
Swoop um all if you know wht's best for ya :) 

May 18, 2010

ooooo Naked Sushi...

Nyotaimori is the Japanese word for "female body presentation" or BODY SUSHI!
Woooo hooo.... you heard right... the most vivid decription of sensual eating HAS to be naked sushi... i mean when the serving dish is a naked person.. how is that not sexy as hell!! LOL... 

Before becoming a living sushi platter, the person (usually a woman) is trained to lie down for hours without moving—according to one narrative. She or he must also be able to withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold food. Before service, the individual is supposed to have taken a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finish off with a splash of cold water to cool the body down somewhat for the sushi. In some parts of the world, in order to comply with sanitation laws, there must be a layer of plastic or other material between the sushi and the bod.
Of course the reception to this practice worldwide varies... like in China.. where this practice is outlawed.. and even in Japan.. it's only found in what they perceive as "seedy sex clubs". but as usual oversees... it's considered less taboo and more artistic!! So thank heaven for the lower moral standards of the Yanks and the Brits!! Tickets for a Body Sushi Experience start at $75 and run up towards the thousands... depending on fish, sake and champagne selections of course!! 

Oh and PS .... men can be models too LMAO.....

*looking around for my chopsticks* hahahahaha

Taste Your Feelings...Engage your senses....

I'm not sure WHEN food and sex became a couple... but i do know that theirs is a love affair that will last til the Pyramids are dust.  While through the ages, aphrodisiacs have been used to increase libido and sex drive... I still remain a firm believer that the best aphrodisiac is LOVE itself :) 

However, if you want to enjoy mixing food with pleasure.. grab a BLINDFOLD!! It's been proven that when you can't see what you are eating; your taste and smell range is heightened and you will enjoy both food and pleasure THAT much more.... yeah... SCORE lol.. 

I have totally fallin in LOVE with InterCourses; an Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins...because  besides containing recipes that include a long list of known lover food... the eye catching photography is as tasty as the ingredients!! 
Each chapter ALSO gets into the history of each aphrodisiac. To help the love-hungry integrate these sensual foods into their lives, 'InterCourses' also contains numerous reference guides that match the perfect aphrodisiac with any occasion, time of day, season of year, or even the astrological sign of  your partner.

I also believe that every good romantical meal should start AND end with a bottle... yes a BOTTLE not a glass.. of the bubbly stuff!! And because of it's steady stream of delicate bubbles, champagne will hit the system a lot sooner than say.... still wine. Champagne (especially the dry white ones) also replicates the aromas of female pheromones.. further helping it's aphrodisiac reputation.

Ginger is one of those things that hits the senses and you're like WOW!!!

As a natural aphrodisiac it increases circulation as well as tickles the senses.... Served pickled, candied or in the raw, ginger increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones.
French legend Madame du Barry made a practice of serving ginger to her lovers. It was said to drive all, including her most famous lover, Louis XV, to a state of complete and utter submissiveness
Maybe not one of the more popular aphrodisiacs... Salmon is an excellent source of protein - essential for stamina - salmon is also loaded with omega 3’s, proven to elevate seratonin levels in the brain and thereby enhance mood. Vitamin rich, this fish has got a great dose of A, D, B and calcium, all known to be necessary for giving the all-important libido lift. It may not be as sexy as whipped cream.... but it DEF packs a LOVEly punch!! 
Said to be one of Cleopatra's favorite fruits... the fig's sweet taste and beautiful color inspire passion when eaten..since when it is split down the middle and opened, it resembles a womans unmentionables!!  Ancient Greeks revered the fig as one of the most DECADENT foods and put it's value above gold.
Some even say that the fig's beginnings were in the Garden of Eden and perhaps might have even been the notorious "forbidden fruit" that caused so much ruckus!! 
Ahhh the Avacado!! A voluptuous fruit... the avocado has long been compared to a the feminine shape and male sexuality. The Aztecs referred to the avocado tress as  "Ahuacuatl," or "testicle tree." The ancients thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male's testicles. The Spanish, in fact, found avocados so obscenely sexy, that Catholic priests forbade them to their parishioners. Avocados are high in folic acid, as well as vitamin B6 and potassium. hmmmphm LOL
Since asparagus is a Lily family member... it already has a one-up on the rest of the clan...but Asparagus is a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin and folic acidThe latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasms in both sexes.

I  have also added a recipe sure to add a little something to your next dinner for two… or brunch for ten LOL Plus, it contains two aphrodisiacs.. I’m JUST SAYIN!!

Asparagus and Ham Roll Ups
“taste of home”
-16 fresh asparagus spears, trimmed
- 1 medium sweet red pepper, cut into 16 strips
- 8 ounces of Havarti Cheese, cut into 16 strips
- 8 thin slices of deli ham or prosciutto, cut in half lengthwise
- 16 whole chives
-In a large skillet, bring 1in. of water to a boil. Add asparagus; cover and cook for 3 min. Drain and immediately place asparagus in cold water. Drain and pat dry.
-Place asparagus spear, red pepper strip, and cheese strip on each slice of ham. Roll up tightly; tie with a chive. Refrigerate until ready to serve.