May 19, 2010

Wu&Wu's Dumpling Dynasty

I don't have any kids... but that does and will not detour me from having child-esque items in my possession LOL... I love them!! 
So in that same spirit... i bring to you the amazing world of Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty...and i know you all just smiled a LEEEEEEETLE bit when you saw the name... Go ahead.. say it out loud!! lol
and don't forget to stop by HERE to see their website and pick up a few of these great little packages of love!

OMG i'm putting this on my ever growing wish list RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK!! 
Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit is a rainy-day treat for those little emperors and empresses, raise the wooden spoon to Wu & Wu's inspirational new baking kit. Sugary-sweet but iced with a tasty Chinese design, the packaging has been lovingly illustrated by Wu & Wu's very special Fiona Hewitt.
Each kit comes complete with set of celebration candles, rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters, cupcake cases and recipes for iced-star cookies and fancy cupcakes. My nice, who loves to bake and such is going to love hers... well OURS :P

Wu & Wu's Dumpling Dynasty Explorer Kit is the perfect gift to get those tv-watching, computer-game-addicted boys off their butts and into the outdoors, and i know you all know one... well probably more than one... so grab a few!!!  Inside this gift-giver's delight of a tin, you will find a carefully chosen vintage-style metal flashlight, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil. So wished i'd have seen these a few years ago.. my baby bro would have LOVED one!!! 

There's four tin Darling Dynasty coasters, a comprehensive Asian cocktail guide (Shanghai-tini anyone?), flamingo stirrers, Chinese-style cocktail parasols and the world's coolest peacock and fan-tail fish cocktail-party decorations. All this, in the DOPEST of Asian tin designs you have ever seen!! Your friends will love you forever. 

Mirror, mirror in the hall, look out because the compact in this beauty kit is the prettiest of all! You've seen it in the magazines and the style guides and now you can add this beautiful little tin of treasures to your stash of shiny, precious things. Beautifully illustrated tin containing a compact mirror, designed nail clippers, five piece make-up brushes, tweezers and nail file, it's prefect for the on-the-go kinda diva.

In addition to these effin fantasmic kits.. there are also small make up bags, chopsticks, tea cups and more... and since there are kits and gifts for bother genders... finding the perfect one won't be toooooo hard!!! 
Happy Shopping!

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