May 20, 2010

Wooden handbag craze... well sorta.... LOL

If you're not a handbag aficionado... which most are not.. you probably aren't too familiar with Timmy Woods Beverly Hills... 
Since her launch in 1992 Timmy has been creating artful, usually wooden, handbags for all sorts of celebs and former First Ladies... 

eiffel tower clutchEiffel Tower Crystal Clutch
The Eiffel Tower Clutch by Timmy Woods looks more like a decorative piece for your home than a bag that you could wear. Part quirky, part charming, and completely extravagant, this Eiffel Tower replica is certainly eye catching. Handmade from acacia wood and features a silk cord handle, it is excessively adorned with Swarovski crystals that give off a breathtaking and shimmering glow.  For a mere $4,714, you can have a Parisian landmark hanging from your arm. Yes, the bag might look familiar.. as it was part of the Sex in the City original movie! 
Below are just a few more whimsical handbags one might find from the mind and hands of Timmy Woods...
Diamond Phone with Stones

my personal fave
Jackson Handbag With Glove
And as she was a huuuge MJ fan... there is a handbag with the infamous white glove adorning it... $500.00 price tag on that lovely... 
Visit for your very own!!!

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