May 4, 2010

Go Ahead... FROST yourself...

Harry Winston, Tiffany's, Van Cleef and Arpels... and Cartier... OH MY!!!!
Like most girly girls.. i have an INSANE obsession with jewels... but not your average, run of the mill jewels... NOPE.. i love seriously expensive and rare jewels.
I'm a diamond adoring, sapphire wearing, emerald toting, ruby loving kind of a gal!!!
And while most people watch the dresses on the red carpets.. i watch the bling and frosting traipse down the carpet!!
I have to say... the newest collection that has not only grabbed my attention, but also my obsession, has to be the Delilah collection from Boucheron.

The earrings, priced at $10, 900 are chandelier-esque yellow gold with an abundance of diamonds all over.
The drops are priced far below at $5900, yet still quite an investment!!

I love the ring that comes in this collection, not because it bears a $4600 price tag, but because it's graceful and precious... This simple ring has a barrette of diamonds and gold chain fringe also adorned with diamonds... a DIVA-ish item for any hand!!

I have been scarf obsessed all winter long... so i would LOVE to be able to trade in the woolies for a pink gold scarf necklace.... yes folks.. PINK gold.. almost everything in the Delilah series comes in either pink or traditional yellow gold... how's that for choices??? This "cheaper" version is upwards of $20,000 while....
The other "scarf" version of the $44,000 worth of bling and sparkle all wrapped around your DELISH are these mosels of sparkle and shine!?!?! PS.... Yellow gold for me!! i'm just sayin!!! ;)

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