May 17, 2010

I could sleep all day in SOME of these....

Whether it's a two hour cat nap, or a 12 hour slumber... i love to sleep!!! 
The thing about sleeping though, is that you need the perfect surface to really appreciate the beauty of ... well beauty sleep!! 
so i have gathered up for your viewing pleasure a set of some very elaborate places to rest your head. 

First up.... Beds on the ceilings. A new take on the Murphy bed.
Marketed under the name BedUP, this French innovation is the PERFECT answer to any space problem you might be encountering... lol
Another new trend.... FAIRYTALE beds. 

Seems like everything around us has a little bit of fairy tale/fantasy in it these days... with Movie such as Where the Wild Things Are, Avatar, Harry Potter, and of course Alice in Wonderland hittin the theaters... i have noticed a lot of fantasy creepin into a lot of different areas of life.. including the boudoir! 
My next Fave has to be.....

The Pyramüde from ABBCO Schlafsysteme.... HOW EFFING COOL IS THAT!?!?!? i'm not sure how the sleep is.. but i know i'd sure look good waking up in one!! hahaha

Now this next bed... or beds.. can be used in either an indoor capacity, or you can take it outside and nap in the great outdoors!

Hanging beds are the best thing in the WORLD if you have a small space... or hate cleaning under your bed! With multiple suspension strings, the beds appear to be quite stable, although I’m sure there are several methods of testing their durability. hahaha

here we have a suspension bed... 

Max Longin designed the bed based on the inspiration of the architecture of suspension bridges, with four stainless steel cords hold the bed in place, which surprisingly can hold up to 2,645 lbs, allowing multiple bed jumps by multiple people. Guess monkey's can jump SOMEWHERE now LOL

and FINALLY.... 

The Fluttua is an innovative bed design with no legs visible so it appears to be floating. It’s actually very simple, with support from the wall and one leg under the center of the bed. It gives a great visual effect, specially with the underbed lighting. No the Buddha-esque model does NOT come with purchase!! 

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