May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch 2010....

Every year we, as a family, argue and debate on where to head out to for Mother's Day brunch. Besides the obvious price hike for the grubbage, the only thing that goin out provides is a promise of well behaved siblings and subdued parentals... you see, my family's not one to make a scene... in public. LOL

 This year, However, i decided that with all the cooking and baking i've been doing and recipes i've been trying out, that maybe I'd HOST the 1st annual brunch at me new casita!! 

So, i decided on ONE, trying to put together a simple yet elegant menu... but i also know what my mom likes, and some of those things just DIDN'T fit into my menu, but i made it work anyway... by the end of the day it was the more the merrier... 
Menu:Pazole- Mom's "fave"

Eggs Benedict... des style

Quiche Lorraine and Broccoli and Cheese Quiche and Fruit with a raspberry fruit dip.

Stuffed French Toast and Eggless French Toast Casserole, Roast, and friiiied Potatoes. 

AND topping it off with a Key Lime Pie and an "Angelic" cake.... 

As we were conving for this delicious event... all i heard were the words "We should do this EVERY year... a new tradition" OYE! lol.. OHHHH PHYL!! 

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