October 29, 2010

alexander mcqueen leggings
I'm not a skull person by any means... i have 4 or 5 things with skulls on them... THESE leggings right here are dope though!! Alexander McQueen... a BEAST!! 
Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

October 27, 2010

Send um to the one you DON"T love lol

Check out this website.... www.dirtyrottenflowers.com... and send flowers.. alive or DEAD to the ones that deserve it... good or bad ;) 
i'm sure you can find someone on either list that would 'love' to get a bouquet!! 
xoxoxo to all the naughty and nice!! 

Gilded Ribs

Abbey Lee smoking street style
Live it... love it.. learn it.... then buy it!!  (Abbey Lee Kershaw) 

and speaking of snakes.....

Marc Jacobs snake shoes
oh Marc Jacobs..... your serpentine shoe sits on my want list as well!! 
Spring 2011 i can't wait!! 

Birthday gift idea! part 1 i'm sure!

Swarovski Karl LagerfeldSwarovski Karl LagerfeldSwarovski Karl Lagerfeld
Swarovski and Karl Lagerfeld have teamed up for a brilliant collection representing Karl Lagerfeld’s signature colors, naturally black stones are incorporated into each jeweled piece. I love each and every piece FYI!!! lol
just a lil itty bitty birthday hint!!! 

Vending Machine Revolution

I bring to you... Afterheels – a small shoe with a natural material waterproof outer layer that biodegrades in the same time as an oak leaf, and a soft, protective flock-lined insole made from locally sourced and manufactured recyclable #5 polypropylene. It conveniently fits into a clutch or purse, so you can have it with you in case of emergencies. The best part is it comes in a variety of outfit-matching colors, and include a duffel bag for carrying home your heels.
I'm a firm believer that every venue NEEDS one of these!! making heels and such not so terrifying!! Ladies... it's time to lobby!! 
(although I'm one step ahead of THIS game as i already carry a set in my handbag) lol


Ball and Chain purse

Ever felt like you need to keep a close eye on your belongings??? 
Perfect answer: ball and chain purse!! Keeps all of your purse stuff safe and can double as a weapon if the situation calls for it!! 
Ball and Chain Purse
Use it for a as part of your Halloween costume or the next time you're hittin the pavement in a unsafe part of town! 
Ball and Chain Purse
Stay safe and stylish!!

The Flirty Thirty Bday is Approaching FAST!!

October 20, 2010

Hot Chocolate Season!!

Get it from Mindy's :) Located in Chicago.. they ship! 

October 19, 2010

Hoodie for your 'Tronics

saw it, loved it, posted it....
Red Hoodie Sweater Case (White Zipper)

Get yours HERE!!

a new way to do "to-go"

Here we have a pocket size way to make any and all dishes, no matter where in the world you might be, a delicious culinary experience!! 
Image of Mobile Foodie SURVIVAL KIT Image of Mobile Foodie SURVIVAL KIT

The above kit Includes sixteen organic herbs and spices, plus wasabi, soy sauce and a mini-bottle of... wait for it... Tabasco!
Contents: organic basil, cayenne, rosemary, ground cloves, curry, dill, granulated garlic, ginger, mustard powder, nutmeg, onion powder, oregano, paprika, pepper, and thyme; plus sea salt, wasabi powder, soy sauce and Tabasco sauce.
there is also an Indian Essentials Kit 
Image of Mobile Foodie INDIAN EssentialsImage of Mobile Foodie INDIAN Essentials
Which runs $20 and carries all the essential Indian spices... 
The Thai Kit....
Image of Mobile Foodie THAI Essentials Image of Mobile Foodie THAI Essentials
Which at this time IS sold out.... but don't fret, they will be getting more in!
and finally the Mexican Kit.
Image of Mobile Foodie MEXICAN essentials    Image of Mobile Foodie MEXICAN essentials
The Thai, Indian and Mexican kits are all $20 and the larger one up top... $30 and can be found on http://www.foodiekits.com/
Not a bad investment if you love your food!! Plus it's Organic!
Eat well xoxo 

October 12, 2010

Green Enchis!! YUM!

Ooooo and as it happens i coooked some killer green Chile Enchis!! (enchiladas for all you non ethnic folks) So here's the run-down on THAT recipe!

Green Chile Chicken Enchis
1 Store bought cooked chicken (broken down, either shredded or chopped) 
1/2 onion diced 
1/2 cup - 2/3 cup of diced green chiles
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup of milk
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
8 oz of cheddar cheese (shredded)
20 corn tortillas

Pre heat oven to 400

1. Mix soups, onions, milk, green chiles, and  1/2 the cheese together in a bowl and mix
2. Grease 9x13 pan and put one layer of tortillas down on the bottom
3. put 1/3 of the chicken on top of tortillas, cover with 1/3 of the soup mixture
4. place another layer of tortillas, chicken and soup mix alternating until all gone. (2 more layers) top with layer of tortillas. Cover with the rest of the cheese.
5. Coverwith foil  and place in oven for 42 minutes
6. Remove from oven and let stand for 5-10 minutes
7. serve and ENJOY!!! 

Now i personally am partial to serving this with cornbread muffins... but you are more than welcome to serve it up with whatever you feel like!! lol

Pointing out the OBVIOUS!!

Sarcasm. Pretty much one of the best things around!! 
Fashion... Pretty much one of the best things around!!
Sarcasms+Fashions= one good fricken time!! 
And with that....
state of the obvious
Beacause that is what it is!! 

The 'Sarcastic State of the Obvious' Merchandise by Mash Creative is one of those things that not everyone CAN wear.. but everyone will WANT to wear!! 

You can't wear a sarcastic Tee if you are a sweetie... i'm sorry. I don't make the rules.. i just pass them along! 
But not to fear. If you aren't sarcastic enough to sport a tee shirt... grab yourself one of these.
state of the obvious
OR one of these...
state of the obvious
HA! in any event grab SOMETHING from this line and wear it proudly and, of course, sarcastically!!! 
ps.. HELVETICA! because what else would it be??

take apart boots

I love options!! the more choices I have, the happier I am!! 
From dipping sauces to clothing articles.. i love things that are able to be taken apart and mix and match and all that jazz. With that said... Bring in the Boot!! The Creative Recreation Moretina boot that is.... just take a looksie my luvs... 
That's three different pairs of boots in one, making packing for a trip a breeze!! 
now... if you're gonna be transforming things... it would be a CRIME not to mention the Michael Kors convertible gloves!!
yes friends another 1,2,3 punch from the ever evolving Kors line! and for $150 those short.. medium... and long gloves can be yours!! 

What to NOT get me for the bday!!

Two words: STATE DIRT
Round Glass containers - 7.99 + Free Shipping
It's just unacceptable!! LOL 
http://www.statedirt.com/index.php if you're curious!!

October 11, 2010

I love nerds too!

I'm not an out of control Hello Kitty fan by any means... and i maybe own two or three HK things....
but i have to admit.. not only do i think that the below tote is adorable.. you very well could see me sporting it in the near future!! 
Now if you ask me, the tote is quite enough for adorableness, but http://www.loungefly.com/ has an entire series dedicated to the love of nerds!! lol

The Hinge Wallet.

The Scarf.

The laptop Case.
and of course no nerd collection would be complete without a 

the lunch-box!! 

All that Glitters is Gold

I am totally LOVING Chanel and Dior's sparkly gold  nail polishes this season!! 
it SOOOO looks like fall with these stunners! 

Timeless Gold and Czarina Gold

FYI.. Dior's new brush is strides above the rest!! 
Do it up in Gold this season... you'll thank me :) (via the beauty look book) 

October 8, 2010

i want i want i want!!

Pop artist Romero Britto's Britto Collection by Heys® New Day Hardside Luggage is all i have to say about that!! 

It's Good for my heart...

Steven Shawn Sherrod {1/12/74-10/05/2009}

Everyone loses someone at some point in their life. Sometimes the loss is bittersweet and sometimes it's devastating.  It's been over a year now, and i still find myself struggling with the loss of a very good friend and how to overcome this pang of emptiness I feel everyday when he crosses my mind... because he does cross it everyday! So i figured if i could get a little bit off my chest... maybe the hole in my chest won't hurt seem so big...
Golly, where to begin... i guess at the beginning seems as good a place as any!!
Steven and i met when i was working in my aunts restaurant/bar and i saw him walk in one night and i was was struck by his confidence and self assurance... along with his stellar good looks of course! He was bigger than life and i was immediately drawn to his charismatic self!!  I was only 16... no 17... and he was 22...no 23 lol ... we didn't actually MEET until about a year later...  but from that moment on, i looked forward to his coming in to the restaurant when i was working...

Steven saw me into adulthood with love, advice and a big brother sort of protection; never satisfied with what i was doing because he knew i could be so much more. Good Lord, when he heard me sing for the first time i thought he'd have a coronary on the spot talkin about how i needed to "do something" with my talent. Ironically it will be only months after his passing that i will pick up a mic and hit the stage, singing one of the favorites we always listened to.

He always used to say that no matter where we were in our lives we'd be sitting on the same stools in the same bar sitting side by side still enjoying each others company and getting on each others nerves!!
Everyday i think of something he said, something we did, someplace we went... and that all too familiar lump in my throat reappears and i have to swallow back the memories and remember that one day we will meet again... well that's the theory anyway. I love you, i MISS you, and i am still a little lost without you..... xoxo my luverly...

October 6, 2010

F. Y. EYE!!

J S BoathouseJ S Boathouse
Eye wear company J. S. Boathouse is bringing to you some very unique pairs of  sunglasses that are not just durable and limited, but also phenomenally fashionable!!! And there's NOTHING that i like better than some Stunna Shades!!  Also.... there are only 300 made, so you aren't going to be seeing these all over... stealing your stellar style! :) Yes, you can see out of them!! 

oooo Tom Ford...

Tom Ford black orchid makeup trio
Anything Tom Ford or Black Orchid is winner in MY book!! So the combo HAD to be shown!! 
The limited edition Black Orchid Trio will include the much-buzzed nail polish in a gorgeous deep plum, a matching shade of Black Orchid lipstick repackaged in a black and gold case, and a shimmering solid perfume in his sultry Black Orchid scent. Super luxe meets femme fatale with a hint of goth?

October 1, 2010

Kobi Levy's take on the Shoe

Check out some of these wonky shoes by 35 year old Levy, who resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, has come up with!! 
kobi-levy-shoes (3)
No, this person has NOT stepped in gum... that's the heel!! Crazy right!! 
well below are some more examples of the goings on in Levy's brain! Love it! 
(and YES, they are all shoes) 
kobi-levy-shoes (5)
"The Banana Slip On" in leather
kobi-levy-shoes (8)
"blow" 2010 in leather
kobi-levy-shoes (1)
"Tulip" man-made leather and other materials

"The Market" man-made leather
Dope RIGHT?!?!?!