October 1, 2010

Kobi Levy's take on the Shoe

Check out some of these wonky shoes by 35 year old Levy, who resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, has come up with!! 
kobi-levy-shoes (3)
No, this person has NOT stepped in gum... that's the heel!! Crazy right!! 
well below are some more examples of the goings on in Levy's brain! Love it! 
(and YES, they are all shoes) 
kobi-levy-shoes (5)
"The Banana Slip On" in leather
kobi-levy-shoes (8)
"blow" 2010 in leather
kobi-levy-shoes (1)
"Tulip" man-made leather and other materials

"The Market" man-made leather
Dope RIGHT?!?!?! 

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