September 30, 2010

Ode to my favorite Bloggers

As it happens,  I am truly blessed to have so many bloggers in my life that i know personally and i'm very excited to bring you this list of my faves!! Check them all out, follow their updates and stalk them just like i do!! 

First up and in no particular order is; 

One of my fave females,G, takes little gems of knowledge and worth and brings them to you with such fierceness and love that is only accentuated by her real life beauty!! If you are into great music and beautiful art.. this is the place you need to swing through. Watch out for Soul Train Thursday!! 

Thank You for being part of my day!!
Gritty Velvet

All i can say is; If you don't know... You just don't KNOW!! 

The General brings raw beauty with an IGAF attitude that sure does entertain and sometimes inspire... inspires a bar brawl that is!! lol.. Love to love her, her blog and her clothing line dubbed Whorebath!! 

Again this is amplified X a million if you are lucky enough to know this beautiful bangin bad bitch in the real world! 

Rated R for the rough and tough!! 

If you are a hip hop follower and LOVE a dope pair of sneakers, hit up 


re you will be directed to some of the most innovative local shows, mixtapes, and sneakers around town!! R keeps it real with fresh shoes, fashion, a super dope photog stream *winks* and of course all the new music we all love to hear!! Thank You for being a part of my day as well!!! xoxo

If you're looking for a more over 21 beer drankin time... there's one blog that will satisfy that craving... 

Yep, i'm talking about  where DF takes beer drinking and local supporting to the next level!! Try it out today!!

But if a CUPCAKE is what you are looking for, and of course everyone SHOULD be... hit up 

 and i guarantee that you will find something that will make your mouth water!! Warning: you may become addicted to pics of cupcakes!! 
The Cupcake Activist

Last but DEF not least and since i'm an avid kitchen junkie, one of the faves that i just happened to stumble across one fine day is I absolutely love the tips, tricks and info that i find here.. and i have found so many little bits of foodie stuff that i look forward everyday to her posts!! It's like talking to your mom when your mom isn't available! 

Like any true blogger... there's a LIST a mile long of blogs that i read and love... but as far as the top five ok SIX... well there you have it!! 

Visit often and have a luuuuuvly day!!