September 20, 2010

The ULTIMATE Diva Tees!!

These featured Rafael Esquer Alfalfa tees are AWESOME!!! 
Seven immortal LATINA women from the worlds of film, art, music, and politics are the stars of the second T-shirt collection from alfalfa seeds. Seven Latin Divas features original interpretive drawings of: Carmen Miranda, Celia Cruz, Evita Peron, Frida Kahlo, Maria Felix, Rocio Durcal and Selena.
The seven images in this collection are hand-drawn and silk-screened on 100% Peruvian pima cotton T-shirts, and they are a very limited edition.

~Carmen Miranda~

~Celia Cruz~

~Evita Peron~

~Frida Kahlo~

~Maria Felix~

~Rocio Durcal~


All of these screen tees retail for $32 and can be found HERE!! 
Also, if i'm not mistaken, a portion of all tees goes to fund scholarships for students! 
Get One two or all SEVEN!!! xoxo

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