September 24, 2010

Favorite movies pt 1

DAY 3: Your favorite movie
Day 3 of my 50 day before i'm 30 Challenge has me reminiscing about movies... so here goes!! 
My favorite movie of ALL time has to be Gone With the Wind...

I suppose if you know me and know the movie, it would make more sense, as deep down i know i could have been a southern belle in a former life! I love that even though this movie debuted over 60 years ago, it's fame and beauty have not diminished. If you have never seen it... I forewarn ya.. it IS a little long, but sooooo worth it!! The book, by Margaret Mitchell, is also a very good read as well. I literally watch this movie about once a month. I even get jazzed when i see it on TV even though i have the VHS and the DVD lol.. but it IS my favorite. 

I guess i couldn't give a fave without a few runners up... 
2. The Godfather, and i'm going to include The Godfather 2 and 3 in this as well!! i mean.. this is the greatest trilogy ever!

I mean look at the cast of characters... and those were just a few! Brando, Pacino, DeNiro, Caan, Duval, Shire and Keaton! Oh the amazingness of it all!! and besides that, who doesn't love a mafia film?? lol

3. The Sound Of Music
WE go from the mafia to nuns bringing the hills alive with the sound of music LOL
this is a childhood favorite of mine that has carried into adulthood with the same amount of love and appreciation! 

4. Summer Magic

Another childhood favorite of mine.. that i have now passed along t o my niece who adores the "ugly Bug Ball" just as much as i do!! Haley Mills, Burl Ives and Deborah Walley are some of my favorite old time actors! PS.. Pollyanna and Parent Trap are also some of my very favorites!! 

5. Dazed and Confused

I know this list is all over the Place, but well... So am I LOL!!!  hahaha

6. Gone in 60 Seconds

Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie... 'nuff said!! 

7.  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I actually love all of the Indiana Jones movies, but i have to admit.... the trilogy lost some of the sheen with the addition of the fourth installment!! But i still love the first three therefore landing a spot in my top ten. 

8. The Happiest Millionaire

Back to Disney oldies i go! Again going back to when i was young and the carefree days that watching movies like this takes me back to! 

9. The Joy Luck Club

Amy Tan really nailed it one the head when she wrote about these four Chinese Women and their daughters and the struggles that mothers and daughters go through, and what brought them to that point in their lives. It warms my heart every time i see it and am reminded that i am truly blessed to have her around still!

10. Pretty Woman

A hooker meets, falls in love with, and marries a millionaire... i'm pretty sure this is the winning combo every hooker out there is looking for!! LOL.. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere... SCORE! 

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