December 29, 2011

Catch you on the FLIP SIDE!! 
*signing off with transitional X's & O's* 

December 21, 2011

Let's Hoop For A Great Season!

For Christmas this year...I want an NBA seaso..... oh wait it's HERE!!!! 

Seriously.. though... I've been a fan of these guys since before i was walking .. and nothing has changed! Yes, i adore football... the Broncos of course holding down at #1 .. but the NBA... it's a different kinda love. 

So, with the roster boasting talent such as Arron Aflalo.... Chris Anderson... Ty Lawson.. .Nene... and newbie Kenneth Faried...none of the "big" players are needed!
I can see the Nugs really having some amazing games and hopefull a productive season!! After last nights win over the Suns... the momentum has started and I hope it keeps up! 

Go Nuggets!!

and of course... nothing would be at all possible without the excitement and leadership of Head Coach George Karl!! That man is a BEAST!! 

* Signing off with Fan Flav X's & O's* 
You love it. 

December 13, 2011

Who Remembers Lisa Frank!?!?!

I knew you would! 
I mean it's Lisa FRANK!! helloooooo lol
so now the queen of school stickers and pencils has an apparel line... and YES... they also come in adult sizes too.
You know, just in case you want to flashback to your childhood!!

Look familiar??
Get yours.... HERE!!
You Love It. 
X's & O's Yo. 

Gangsta (W)rap Made me do it!!

I love to wrap presents... 
probably cuz i'm really good at it.. so i give YOU... yes YOU.. 
'the hardest gift wrap on the market...'  Gangster Wrap!! LMAO 

And for a small fee.. yes i will come wrap your presents too!!!  LOL 
You love it. 

December 9, 2011

Have you been....

Hahaha The battle wages on.... 
Well, which one have YOU been??? 
*signing off with less than nice kisses* 

December 8, 2011

You Love it.

All i want for Christmas... The KS edition!

Well not ALL i want.. since some things don't come in boxes or are available for purchase!!
But if i had to make a list of things i'd wanna see with a bow... 
i'm gonna have to start with these..... 
and as a matter of fact.. let's call it the Kate Spade Edition.... 

The Dazzle Dot... Stevie.

The Curling Ribbon Ring


Nylon Tate 

Big Apple Bow Ski Hat

Silver ring cocktail gloves

On the Eve ear muffs

You can not tell me that these aren't the most ABSOTIVELY-POSILUTELY cutest things on the list to Santa can you??
Didn't think so. 
You love it. 
*signing off with cutesy X's & O's* 

December 7, 2011

Dip it.. Don't Sip it.

The Syrup that is! 
I have come across in my wanderings... a plate for pancakes that will satisfy all you dippers out there!! And i know you exist.. cuz i'm one and i know a few dippers too.... so let's get dippin!! 

They are $45 a set and can be found HERE!! 
You love it. 

December 2, 2011

99th Problem

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“Occupy, as many have noted, is kind of a blanket movement for a series of issues that we (as a) nation face,” said Mane Rok. “It’s no longer the cries and moans of the disenfranchised, under-privileged American minority — these are issues that we all, the 99 percent, face. This is an awakening of the average American, realizing that there is a very minute amount of folks controlling our money, lives and politics.

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