December 21, 2011

Let's Hoop For A Great Season!

For Christmas this year...I want an NBA seaso..... oh wait it's HERE!!!! 

Seriously.. though... I've been a fan of these guys since before i was walking .. and nothing has changed! Yes, i adore football... the Broncos of course holding down at #1 .. but the NBA... it's a different kinda love. 

So, with the roster boasting talent such as Arron Aflalo.... Chris Anderson... Ty Lawson.. .Nene... and newbie Kenneth Faried...none of the "big" players are needed!
I can see the Nugs really having some amazing games and hopefull a productive season!! After last nights win over the Suns... the momentum has started and I hope it keeps up! 

Go Nuggets!!

and of course... nothing would be at all possible without the excitement and leadership of Head Coach George Karl!! That man is a BEAST!! 

* Signing off with Fan Flav X's & O's* 
You love it. 

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