August 23, 2012

Local Love... House of Sandol!!!

As you know I come across some of thee most delicious designers in my shopping travels... but what you DON'T know is that some of them happen to be friends and local!! 

Um Even BETTER if you ask me, and since you're on MY blog you must wanna know!!! *wink* 

I'm a local lover at heart and it makes said heart happy when WHAT I love supports someONE I love. 
After all, everyone should have a dream! 
And with THAT.... I bring to you ....


(you can thank me later, as always) 

Now, if you remember, last year about this time i was looking for an apron, as i had never owned one (crazy i KNOW). 
Again, enter House Of Sandol!!
 But it's not JUST aprons, don't get it twisted... there are a plethora of other goodies that you can mix and match with your apron to give you the most amazing cooking attire around!
Not only that, it's a great gift idea for a girlfriend's new place or even a work pal who's moving on, it's THAT good!. 

BEAUTIFUL Narrow top apron, Brown with yellow dots.
Florals and Skulls. 
Gingham with Skull accents 
Monsters and mustaches.... Mens or Unisex
Red with white Polka Dots, removable white flower clip
Custom Order!!

Original Server Aprons!! Look Hawt on the J.O.B.!
One of my faves... almost too cute to cook in!!
Acoma pottery inspired apron 
Black cherry half apron with wide red belt, ruffles and pocket. 
Guadalupe half apron with pockets 
You need Potholders to match.. DUH!
I love these!!
Don't forget your pillowcases for dreams of sugar plums and all sorts of sweets... 
Tie me up!! 
As always beautiful photo by one Ms. Iman Woods!!!
For additional information, custom orders, sizing and pricing, please visit ....
For gorgeous pictures, the only place to go is.... 
And as always... fan up so you don't miss a thing... 
What are you waiting for..... go order YOURS!! 

August 22, 2012


Have you ever had a song that was SO perfect for what you might be going thru at the time?
well i have and i do!! ;) 

I look in your eyes and I can see
We've loved so dangerously
You're not trusting your heart to anyone
You tell me you're gonna play it smart
We're through before we start
But I believe that we've only just begun

When it's this good, there's no saying no
I want you so, I'm ready to go

Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall
For a chance to be with you
I'd gladly risk it all
Through the fire
Through whatever, come what may
For a chance at loving you
I'd take it all the way
Right down to the wire
Even through the fire

I know you're afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal
And I can help if you'll only let me try
You touch me and something in me knew
What I could have with you
Now I'm not ready
to kiss that dream goodbye

When it's this sweet, there's no saying no
I need you so, I'm ready to go


Through the test of time


To the wire, to the limit
Through the fire, through whatever
Through the fire, to the limit
Through the fire, through whatever
Through the fire, to the limit
Through the fire, through whatever

August 15, 2012

Nail Art: Saved By the Bell

While i very rarely endorse Wet 'n Wild products, since i rarely buy wet 'n wild products, i found these to be highly entertaining and extremely nostalgic!! and if you happen to be an 80's/90's child you might too!! 

 Made by Wet n Wild, and found in any major drug store, 
 the six polishes each come with clever names, such as:

-"Fashionista Lisa" (purple)
- "Pin ‘Em Slater" (Yellow)
- "Nerd Alert: Screech" (green)
- "Chick Magnet Zack" (blue)
- "Straight A Jesse" (orange) 
- "Pom Pom Kelly (pink)

Can't say if i'll be procuring any of these, i'm sure the inexpensive price might draw me into a few, but either way, it was nice to have a Saturday Morning show flashback!!

*signing off with colorful X's & O's* 

August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to an Beautiful Star burned out too soon.....

Without a doubt, Whitney Houston has to be one of my all time favorite female artist. Her beautiful voice and  amazing vocal range has kept audiences and myself captivated for years. 
The early burn out of this super nova has been such a hard thing to accept that i couldn't even write a proper post for her when she passed. but today i want to CELEBRATE the life, the love and the music of one Ms Whitney Houston... 

Join me on my journey!! 

No other woman
Is gonna love you more
'Cause tonight is the night, that I'm feeling alright
We'll be making love the whole night through

So I'm saving all my love
Yeah, I'm saving all my lovin'
Yes, I'm saving all my love for you
For you, for you

I can cast a spell 
See, but you can't tell 
Mix a special groove 
Put fire inside of you 
Anytime you feel danger or fear 
Then instantly 
I will appear 
Yeah oh 

I'm every woman 
It's all in me 
Anything you want done baby 
I do it naturally 
Whoa whoa whoa 
Whoa whoa whoa 

I can set your knees 
like playing unto the seas 
I can make a rhyme of confusion in your mind 
And when it comes down to some little flash of love 
I got it, I got it 
I got it, got it, baby baby 

Clocks strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away
I've done alright up 'til now
It's the light of day that shows me how
And when the night falls loneliness calls

Oh! Wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah! Wanna dance with somebody 
With somebody who loves me

I've been in love and lost my senses
Spinning through the town
Soon or later the fever ends
And I wind up feeling down
I need a man who'll take a chance
On a love that burns hot enough to last
So when the night falls 
My lonely heart calls

and my personal fave... ;) 

Happy Birthday to a star whose light burned out far too soon!!
*signing off with bittersweet X's & O's* 

August 3, 2012

Knives Fit For a ... Diva of course!!!

Saw them. Want Them. Will be Ordering them. 
I'm sure you'll want em too so ...
*signing off with exotic knife X's & O's*