August 23, 2012

Local Love... House of Sandol!!!

As you know I come across some of thee most delicious designers in my shopping travels... but what you DON'T know is that some of them happen to be friends and local!! 

Um Even BETTER if you ask me, and since you're on MY blog you must wanna know!!! *wink* 

I'm a local lover at heart and it makes said heart happy when WHAT I love supports someONE I love. 
After all, everyone should have a dream! 
And with THAT.... I bring to you ....


(you can thank me later, as always) 

Now, if you remember, last year about this time i was looking for an apron, as i had never owned one (crazy i KNOW). 
Again, enter House Of Sandol!!
 But it's not JUST aprons, don't get it twisted... there are a plethora of other goodies that you can mix and match with your apron to give you the most amazing cooking attire around!
Not only that, it's a great gift idea for a girlfriend's new place or even a work pal who's moving on, it's THAT good!. 

BEAUTIFUL Narrow top apron, Brown with yellow dots.
Florals and Skulls. 
Gingham with Skull accents 
Monsters and mustaches.... Mens or Unisex
Red with white Polka Dots, removable white flower clip
Custom Order!!

Original Server Aprons!! Look Hawt on the J.O.B.!
One of my faves... almost too cute to cook in!!
Acoma pottery inspired apron 
Black cherry half apron with wide red belt, ruffles and pocket. 
Guadalupe half apron with pockets 
You need Potholders to match.. DUH!
I love these!!
Don't forget your pillowcases for dreams of sugar plums and all sorts of sweets... 
Tie me up!! 
As always beautiful photo by one Ms. Iman Woods!!!
For additional information, custom orders, sizing and pricing, please visit ....
For gorgeous pictures, the only place to go is.... 
And as always... fan up so you don't miss a thing... 
What are you waiting for..... go order YOURS!! 

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