August 15, 2012

Nail Art: Saved By the Bell

While i very rarely endorse Wet 'n Wild products, since i rarely buy wet 'n wild products, i found these to be highly entertaining and extremely nostalgic!! and if you happen to be an 80's/90's child you might too!! 

 Made by Wet n Wild, and found in any major drug store, 
 the six polishes each come with clever names, such as:

-"Fashionista Lisa" (purple)
- "Pin ‘Em Slater" (Yellow)
- "Nerd Alert: Screech" (green)
- "Chick Magnet Zack" (blue)
- "Straight A Jesse" (orange) 
- "Pom Pom Kelly (pink)

Can't say if i'll be procuring any of these, i'm sure the inexpensive price might draw me into a few, but either way, it was nice to have a Saturday Morning show flashback!!

*signing off with colorful X's & O's* 

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