December 8, 2011

All i want for Christmas... The KS edition!

Well not ALL i want.. since some things don't come in boxes or are available for purchase!!
But if i had to make a list of things i'd wanna see with a bow... 
i'm gonna have to start with these..... 
and as a matter of fact.. let's call it the Kate Spade Edition.... 

The Dazzle Dot... Stevie.

The Curling Ribbon Ring


Nylon Tate 

Big Apple Bow Ski Hat

Silver ring cocktail gloves

On the Eve ear muffs

You can not tell me that these aren't the most ABSOTIVELY-POSILUTELY cutest things on the list to Santa can you??
Didn't think so. 
You love it. 
*signing off with cutesy X's & O's* 

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