September 14, 2010

Some toys i'd jack from a kid

Sno-Cone Maker:  Gotta get what the cool kids are buying.
Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker:  Blizzards anytime I wanted? Yes, please!
Gourmet Girl Cupcake Maker: With all of my favorite flavors to choose from (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet ... ), it's hard to not want this. 
Cra-Z-Art Marshmallow MakerDear god, just imagine the sugar high after that.
ICEE Maker: Unfortunately, they don't have my favorite flavor (cola), but you can make watermelon, cherry, and orange ICEEs to enjoy on a hot summer day.
Donut Maker: Apparently, this toy is a pain in the ass to clean, so you'll probably only use it once before it lands in the cupboard of forgotten toys!
Candy Jewelry Factory Oven: 'member the candy jewelry that would make your wrists and fingers all sticky ? Now we can make our own!
Girl Gourmet Candy Jewel Factory Oven

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