October 12, 2010

Pointing out the OBVIOUS!!

Sarcasm. Pretty much one of the best things around!! 
Fashion... Pretty much one of the best things around!!
Sarcasms+Fashions= one good fricken time!! 
And with that....
state of the obvious
Beacause that is what it is!! 

The 'Sarcastic State of the Obvious' Merchandise by Mash Creative is one of those things that not everyone CAN wear.. but everyone will WANT to wear!! 

You can't wear a sarcastic Tee if you are a sweetie... i'm sorry. I don't make the rules.. i just pass them along! 
But not to fear. If you aren't sarcastic enough to sport a tee shirt... grab yourself one of these.
state of the obvious
OR one of these...
state of the obvious
HA! in any event grab SOMETHING from this line and wear it proudly and, of course, sarcastically!!! 
ps.. HELVETICA! because what else would it be??

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