May 7, 2010

I'm Takin ya back to the OLD schooool !!

Not cuz i'm an old fool who's so cool; (hahaha) but because i'm gonna link you up with some of the DOPEST furniture you will ever get your hands on!!!  so if you remember Hot Wheels, Nerf Balls, Spyrograph, View Masters... here you GOOOOOOO!!!!
up on the block first is the POW table... 

$900 a piece... this table will transport you back to Batman and Robin circa 1966 (there are PILLOWS that are also in the line!!) 

If Batman's not your thing... and you're a puzzle master or problem solver... try this one on for size;

the RUBIK'S CUBE table ($600) and the Slider Art ($500).

Currently re-doing my dressing room, i have found myself re-visiting all of the rooms I've ever had.. bringing me back through my child hood of course...and with that have decided to move from the more traditional  to the reminiscent LOL.... 
I have to admit... as COOL as those pieces are... I'm all about but about ready to swoop the next set :) 

and YES, in THOSE colors!!! although they do offer an array of colors in both patterns...

The Cupcake seat (blue) runs around $900 and the table (purple) around $750...
but if you are ready to spend that kinda "dough"... that's the way to go!! 

Check out the rest of the line HERE

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