May 5, 2010

Crazy Rings I MUST posses!!!

Very rarely will i sport something that is just OUT THERE... i'm pretty classic and traditional as far as looks go.. but i stumbled across these little craaaazy TREASURES and have decided that i need one... ok i need them all LOL.. 
There's an Ode to just about every walk of life with these and that's why i'm sure that they will catch on eventually... *looks around uncertainly* but in ANY event... you will more than likely catch me pushing the BUY button soon!! 

Kawaii Cute Japanese Ring - Bowl Of Somen Noodles
Now I have to ask… what the hell else would you POSSIBLY wear on your finger now that these have arrived…. If it’s under 2 karats… it’s gonna be a floater for me!!! Hahaha this week anyway!

If you are looking for these… you will need to hit up their etsy page…Here

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