May 25, 2010

Nintendo fanatic!! ;)

For all of you that DON"T know me... and that's probably most of you.... i'm a Nintendo lover!! Super Mario Brothers in particular! 

Video game culture is just that, a culture unto itself. It has its own language, and now its own fashion line. The Sparkly Mario Eveningwear based its designs around the famous ‘Super Mario Bros.’ games.
Designed by a fashion major graduate, the collection was the culmination of all the skills she had learned. Featuring an actual sequined Mario dress,  to a Bob-omb and mushroom dress, the Sparkly Mario Eveningwear undoubtedly brought the house down. Or is just gave you an extra life, and an invincibility star! Way too SWEEEEEEEET!!!
(thanks to Trend Hunter for the info) 
This corset is not from the same line.. but packs the same amount of punch!! 
The Super Mario Bros. corset by Vintage Doctors is a colorful combination of images of Mario and Luigi along with feminine bows and polka dots. HOLY HELL SO COOL!!!! 

Last, but surely NOT least.... The ‘Money Power Woman’ tee from Split Reason uses Super Mario characters to get across their important message: “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.”

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