May 5, 2010

Holy Temp Tattoos!!!

I've been kicking the idea of a tattoo around for quite sometime.. even though i am proably the MOST indecisive person you might meet!! i'm pretty sure of the location and have some sort of idea about design... it's just the PAIN that kinda worries me a little..... 

so for gals like me all over the world... Chanel has created a solution.... and i have to say THANK YOU for that!!! 

Yes, that's right folks.. temp tats from the worlds most famous Haute Couture house!!! 

Temporary Tattoos are no longer something you are gonna be finding adorning the shelves of your local dollar store… for Chanel has decided to launch Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art, a line of temp tats based on designs created by Peter Phillips for the Paris Runway Show for Spring 2010
These dope ass classical and  designs have proved themselves successful on the run way, so naturally they will be making a RETAIL debut!! From Necklaces to bracelets and all the way down to anklets, these tattoos are a great way to rep your label without permanent commitment…
There are 55 possible designs priced at $75.00 so you are for sure gonna be seein me in at least one or two this summer!! A new affordable way to celebrate the worlds most famous fashion houses!!
Again proving why the Chanel is one of the leaders world wide…. 

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