May 25, 2010

The Uber Amazing... Antoine Helbert

I'm super enthralled with the work of Antoine Helbert... i mean seriously enthralled... i've spents DAYS on his website just perusing...
He combines fantasy and whimsicalness.. with Eclecticism and a distorted reality...with a sexual undertone! Brilliant!! and always a good time... and don't forget to look closely... because some have some "background" images that are great *wink*

Yes, i LOVE Marie Antionette!!! "Let Them Eat Cake!!"

This one reminds me of a special person who loves birds *wink* 

and this one of a very special hat LOVER!!! 

and who doesn't love little love treats... 

cat scratches eh???? ;) sweet!

super cool... primpin super hero style lol
And My Personal FAVE!!!  Stupid CUPID!!! 
visit HIS WEBSITE to see the rest of this AMAZING work!!! 

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