March 10, 2011

Step.. pull and Walk LOL

FINALLY!!!! Something for the bathroom that doesn't make me want to hurl my lunch!! 
For only $49.95 At, you can rid yourself of the germy worries that flood your mind when you reach the bathroom door... like "did they was their hands?" Did they wash them GOOD ENOUGH??" lol and so forth... 
I want one for EVERY room at work!! 

Toepener handle
Step Pull and Walk...


Cathy said...

OMG!!!! I want one too. there is nothing worse than having nice clean hands and then having to open the bathroom door. It sucks too because Im trying to hold the door open with my foot while trying to shoot a 3 pointer with the paper towel that I used to hold the door open. Thank you from germo phobes everywhere!

Des said...

i'm no germ a phobe.. but bathrooms gross me the EFF out LOL