August 11, 2011


It's been quite a few weeks in and around my life. 
Lessons have been learned....lives have been lost...... forgiveness was granted... shots were fired and gauntlets were thrown.... 
But it's not all bad, as life rarely ever is, so Let me help you out on what i learned and what i happen to ponder on....

* Work is for the birds.. i need a winning lotto ticket... or a golden ticket.. either or. 

* Just because someone doesn't show you love in the way that you want to be loved.... doesn't mean they don't love you with all their heart.... it's kinda like the same as grieving... everyone does it in their own way. 

* Once someone's gone...there's no way to go back and tell them how much you cared/loved/appreciated them... so if you love someone.... Whether it be homie, lover or friend.. .. tell them as many times as you see them. Call them. Write them. Show Them!

*You never heard anyone say that they regretted telling someone they loved them too much. and you rarely hear someone tire of hearing it. 

* You can't make someone love you. They Either do.. or they (in my case, stupidly) don't.

* I should have been around in the Golden Hollywood age... I'd have been a star. #GlamToDeath

*not glam.... nose hairs. ewww

* Friends are great.... Good Friends are Awesome..... and Best friends are the rarest of rare diamonds... make sure you polish that friendship often and keep it sparkling. 

* Choco Tacos are still the bees.... every time!

* There will ALWAYS be some douche bag who will try to fuck up your day. 
Do Not Allow This Ridunkulousness. These people are sad and talent less... you can't punish them anymore than that.

*Quit your bitchen! No one really cares. Trust me. 

* The world is a cold cold place... get over it. 

*Cuddy Buddies make the above statement less chilling... LOL 

* Just 'Letting Go' sounds so much easier than actually is... I mean at some point shouldn't you fight for SOMETHING?? Love for instance... 

* Imitation is not flattering at all.. it's frustrating and seriously irritating..... like wet jeans.... just chaps the ass. 

*speaking of irritating... the sound of flip flops in the office... like nails on a chalkboard.

* Slow love songs do not always set the 'mood'... but telling me we're good friends certainly will. 

* If you have never fondue'd.. you're totally missing out and let me know.. i'll do it for you! 

* the Best is Yet to Come... 
cuz if not... I'm gonna be pissed. *-_-*

*signing off with thoughtful X's & O's* 

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