May 3, 2012

Diva'isms.... side dish.

It's occcured to me, and it's been brought to my attention, that I've stepped away from blogging for the last few months... but it turns out i have too much to say to be stifled by some people 'borrwing' my ideas, or the attempt at my creativity.

 So i'm back in action ready to serve up the most amazing dishes of Delish this side of the whatever...

As my first side dish .... here's a few RANDOM DIVA'ISMS .. you might wanna take a real hard look at... You love it and can thank me later!!! 

1. Getting older does NOT mean you are getting wiser for everyone
.... this of course doesn't apply to me, since i wise up to a lot of shit on the DAILY.

2. You should not make someone cry or piss them off in a severe way. You never know who they roll with and who will put hits out for shit like that. 
There's also no discrimination on age, race or creed for an ass kicking. so be prepared. HAHA

3. don't be thankful JUST on Thanksgiving.. be thankful everyday.

4. It's most certainly true that the thing you want most... will have to be worked at the hardest... which all in all .. makes it even that much more worth it... or makes you stupid... 

5. Love doesn't come often.... so those people who fall in and out of love weekly... 
well that must be rough...hahaha

6. If you're gonna steal someone's status at least say 'thank you' .. .you forget it's a small city and we're all mutual friends so you're not getting away with trying to seem smarter than you are... LMAO!

7. I'm always grateful when someone who stays jockin steeze deletes ME from their facebook/twitter/gchat/ or whatever the venue might be... .why are you mad?? is it cuz i called you out or you finally realized your lame?? either or thanks... cuz it saves me time.

8.  There's no such thing as a constant positive person. I don't care what you have to say, that person just wants you to believe that they are above the rest of the cynics.... i call bullshit.

9. My absolute number one pet peeve. .... is being ignored... or maybe not necessarily ignored... but not a priority. That's unacceptable.

10. You should never be lonely in the company of the [love]ed one..... and you should never make them feel lonely... that's not kosher. 

11. The sports world is an awful sad place these days.... suicides...saints and off stupid injuries are making it hard to love the games as much as i used to... 

12. the saddest moment of the day is when you're waiting for a text back .... you see the green light light up... and it's an email. #romanticalFail

13.  i usually try to skip #13 ... but my lucks shit these days anyway.. so eff it. I'll just say 13.

14. if you can't do your own make up correctly... NEVER EVER touch what a make-up artist does... you will get thrown to the wolves for some shit like that. BELIEVE IT.

15. I love to grill... ok not so much me flippin burgers as watching my fella do it. It is kind of a turn on. HAHAHA

16. Twitter on the phone is a bit #irritating. 

17. Crazy people get way to much attention!!

18. Bird of a feather certainly DO flock together.... i roll with songbirds not yard birds. Thank Gawd!!

19. Tanning to the point of looking like beef jerky is most certainly not a good look!!! It can't be healthy for you either!

20.  You Love It. 

21. I enjoy every minute of the day when i'm with ya. #tessmoker

22.  Kisses make the world go round... .well kisses and tacos of course. 

23. There's a plan in motion as i think all plans should be.... 

24.  I enjoy Saturday morning baseball watching more than i will admit LOL 

25.  unsubscribing to all the crap i've subscribed to over the last few years was a very timely process and i'm still getting some of these damn emails!! wtf. 

26. I never thought i'd get got by a game... #angrybirds

27.  NBA Playoff's. Enough Said. 

28. Put the 'kiss face' away please... it looks .... well just put it away.... you are not Kim K. Nor should you strive to be!! lol 

29. Traveling is on the agenda... now to map it out!! SO EXCITED TO ROAD TRIP !! 

30. Don't knock Chef Boyardee. 

31. 31 is my age so i'm gonna have to stop here. Yeah i'm getting old. Judge if you will but refer back to #1!! HA!

So no matter if you agree... disagree or don't care.. that's what it is and i look forward to another edition with you fine and wonderful people soon!! 

*signing off with snarky and silly X's & O's* 

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