March 19, 2012

Man Candy Monday.... Tebow time.. for the last time??

With news breaking all day as to where Tim Tebow might go now that P. Manning is heading to Denver... i figure i should Man Candy him before he's gone lol 

 Gotta love a man in a suit ;) 

 But the Good Boy look works as well... ;) 
 None that are clean enough to blog about lol 

 love the pants HAHA

 Everyone needs a vacation *wink* 
 Hard work pays off .. one way or another. 

 You already know about how i feel about a man in specs!! 
It's his actions OFF the field as well as on that make him who he is. 

Well Tim .. no matter what your future holds.. should it be in Denver.. or another city ... i hope you never lose the spirit, energy and attitude that you brought to the game in Denver this past year. 
*signing off with football fan X's & O's* 

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