October 22, 2012

Man Candy Monday... Paul Walker

Yes, I happen to be a Fast and the Furious franchise junkie!!
If you're honest, you are too! I mean, hot guys, fast cars n exotic locales.... what else might you need??
Oh yeah.... this guy right here... 
Yes, i'm talking about the blue eyed bandit, fast and furious alum, shirtless wonder and heart breaker extraordinaire ...
Paul Walker. 
 Tried to resist.. but Call me Maybe?? LMAO
 Colgate Smile!
 Well hello there! 
 You already know how i feel about a man in specs. 
Fall Style 
Love the Hat!! 
 A little bit country??
Nah, A little bit Rock n Roll!
You can TOTALLY thank me later!! 
*signing off with fast n furious X's & O's*


Karma Leigh said...

I clicked all 3 of your reaction boxes... yes - I maaaay just have to thank you later! LOL!!!

Des said...

HAHAHAH Classic!!!