July 15, 2011

Take a few minutes to love the lil things...

These are the things I am loving right now....

* not cooking... yeah i know... it's just not me... but i haven't really stepped into the kitchen and made a new creation in a minute ... been eating out and spending much more time with family (who cooks)... it's just a break.. i have a million new ideas!! and you will see them soon!! or taste them... (only if i <3 you a million times over that is)  lol

* watching Karma do her J.O.B. #betterHerDoItThanMe

* Potstickers- you should just agree with me. (fave recipe to follow) 

* Being My own best friend! i DO have one.. and he's the Bees Knees... but in order to love someone else.. you have to love yourself.. and THAT is an awesome trick.

* Unexpected perfect evenings... during a huge storm.. on a Tuesday... and you most certainly can not ask somebody HAHAHA you just have to KNOW! 

* Speaking of storms... the rain.... and there's been a LOT of it in the last few weeks... But it just makes me wanna hit up the Pacific Northwest a little bit more!! #seattleOrBust

* Sugar Daddy's ... and no i'm not talking about the candy either!! 
Who woulda thunk LOL

* Carne Asada... well anything really. #FriesTaco&Tortas OH MY!! 

* Being Hilarious!! Cause i'm pretty much thee funniest B i know!! for damn sure. 

* Reevaluating. Some just are not making the cut this time around. 

* Super Mario Bros. 3 ... I have yet to be beat... test me!! :) 

It's always nice to take a few minutes to appreciate the little things in life... no matter who you are.. or what those little things might be.... to each their own!! 
I love to look back on the week and 9 times out of ten...there was at least ONE perfect moment... go find yours!
*signing off with amazed X's & O's* 

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