January 6, 2012

Accessories that kick ass, Literally!!

Sometimes your handbag becomes a a weapon... let's be honest!! 
sometimes... so do the rest of your accessories!!
 Hey, everything should be multi-purpose... and here's some of the pieces that might just save your life.. or land you in jail...
Either way, you will look GREAT!!
First up....
 Christian Louboutin's Spiked Marquis Clutch... 
Watch OUT!! 
Visit Neimans for this killer bag!
Another Kick Ass Clutch.. this time... Alexander McQueen!
Don't be scurrrred ... you can pick yours up at C U L T S T A T U S
Bar III Bracelet is KILLER!! be careful moving around with this on your wrist!! 
AND MY PERSONAL FAVE... The Delfina Delettrez Black Widow Bracelet... 
 gangster... i know. 
get yours ... HERE 

Yes, as always... you can thank me later. 

Blowin Kisses to my bitches... and sendin a slap for the rest of you biter B's. 
ooooo Snickers. 

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