January 25, 2012


The last few days... weeks... have been a series of trials and tribulations for not only me, but ones i held very very close. I can't even begin to explain to you the lessons i have learned and the ones that keep slapping me in the face.
Which anyone can tell you... it's not a good look! 

I'm stepping away from my usual forum to give myself a little bit of therapy. I thank you for bearing with me, i promise i won't let myself wallow too long... but for me.... talking requires energy, and that right now isn't what i have an abundance of.

So give me a day or two... maybe even three... and then we should be back to our regularly scheduled program... 
PS. it's fine. 

Yes, some of the heartbreak is from years ago but still relevant. 

it's true. I do. 

learning to let go of the things that weigh me down, a life long journey. 

You just don't even know. 

someday this will ring true. 

the God Awful Truth ^^^^ right there^^^ 

and yes. i still would. if i could. 

You love it. 
Just signing off.... 

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