November 11, 2010

Blinged out Ivories

ok... i've been fiddling around with the idea of learning to play the piano. Luckily for me pianos have come a long way from when i was a little kid... 
For example; if i had an extra $800,000 lying around and wanted to feed my piano learning obsession, i'd go and swoop up one of these;

CrystalRoc and Steinway & Sons, is bringing out the BLING!!! These fully-crystallized and custom built grand pianos are the newest addition to its collection of other blinged out musical instruments. They are encrusted with over a million, individually placed Swarovski crystals. No two of these pianos will be alike! The color and design are personalized to the whatever the purchaser likes!! Which means the options are ENDLESS!!! 
How far instruments have some in the last few decades!! 
to check out other blinged out instruments, hit up and puruuuuuuse!! 
have a musical day! 

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