November 3, 2010

What ever happened to Customer Service???

I'm sitting on the phone... i'm on hold. 

I'm chatting online with a "customer service rep"... i'm on hold

I am in the store waiting to address a longstanding issue... i'm in line. 

THEN when i finally get to the front... "i'm sorry our policy doesn't support that issue" 


Well as a CONSUMER of YOUR product... and i'm unhappy with something...need it fixed and I  want it fixed the FUCK NOW!!! THAT'S how i feel this convo should have started out, since i'm sure the outcome would still be the same!! 
Aint that a bitch.. i call and am polite... when i'm the one with the issue... and instead i am bent over and fucked without a kiss. Since there is a serious lack of customer service.... BOOOOO to T-MOBILE!! 

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