May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend..... the kick off to the summer and the kick off to BBQ season!!!
I don't know about you, but i love BBQ season.. it's really the only thing i like about summer!! I hate the heat... but with the right spread.. one can forget all about that!! 
when it comes to condiments... i hate the difficulty in using most if them during a bbq.. because we all know.. you hold the plate in one hand and decorate your burger with the other. Now what happens when all the lids are closed.. the bottles are clogged.. .and the mayo has been out too long?? A bad Burger experience!!
So, as always, i have a solution...
BBQ Condiment Organizer... it's $15 and can be found RIGHT HERE
So do yourself a favor.. if you are having a bbq or any kinda get together with burgers... pick one up.. your guests will thank ya. 
*signing off with X's & O's* 

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