July 20, 2012

Aurora Colorado. 7-20-2012

It's never easy to deal with death, in any form. 
Senseless killings are that much more difficult to digest, because they are just that, senseless.
 I personally believe that the taking of a life, of ANY life, is wrong and 12 lives have now been confirmed as lost. 
As i sit here at my desk, which is in Aurora, Colorado by the way, i can't help but feel such sadness and a little thrown back to the day of 4/20/1999, when another senseless killing of 12 kids in a school down the street from where i was sitting in my own cafeteria, took place. 
That familiar feeling of helplessness and quasi-guilt of surviving still lingers... thirteen years later. 
I can't express with words how incredibly sorry i am that 12 families and an entire community will now have to face tremendous hard times in the days, weeks, months and years to come. I send my prayers, my thoughts and all the love i can muster to those folks. 
Seems a little trite, but it's kinda all ya can do. 

Please remember to go and hug a loved one, call a lost one, and tell everyone you love just how much they mean to you.... because if last night's tragedy taught me anything, it's that tomorrow's never promised. 

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