July 30, 2012

Man Candy Monday.. Ryan Lochte

If you don't follow swimming or the Olympics, you might not be familiar with MCM's Ryan Lochte. 

But i'm sure after his beating out of All American Michael Phelps for Gold in the 400 meter this past weekend... his name will be flying out faster and more frequent than before, making it a new American household name!!!

 Even Sexy with clothes ON! 

 "meet me over there" ..... Ooooo OK!!

 I'm hoping they're coming off instead of going on! 
Who Me?? 

Yes YOU.


Polo hasn't looked that good in awhile!!

Oooo fancy. 

I'm always captivated by a wink and a smile!!

Lemme see your GRILL!! 

I'm sure to be following swimming a little more closely this year, Thanks Mr. Lochte!!
*signing off with golden X's & O's* 

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