July 2, 2012

Man Candy Monday.... Chris Hemsworth...

While the other gal pals went and Magic Mike'd it up this weekend... i decided to spotlight Mr. Chris Hemsworth... aka Thor.. aka The Huntsman.... :)

It looks like this man right here is gearing up to be Hollyood's biggest ... uh assets in the upcoming years as he has starred in, or was a part of some of the biggest movies of the year and all time with no signs of stopping in the near future!!

Ps. The Avengers... DOPE!
 Can't wait for Thor 2 to hit theaters as well... but until then... Enjoy!! 
*signing off with smitten X's & O's* 


ej said...

thank you. feeling super grumbeldy today. needed to be reminded of beautiful things no matter how unattainable,}

Des said...

Ahhh unobtainable ... those pesky little details ;) Hope you have a lovlier day lovely one!!! <3