July 19, 2010

Eat everything on your plate.... then the Plate too!

Everyone's goin green!!! ... that's the IN word these days...so I figured I'd do MY part!! 
Since i use quite a few paper plates...this idea seemed like a no brainer... except it is! 
if you have read previous postings, you KNOW i dinner or brunch or snack party all the time..
Edible Dinner PlatesEdible Dinner PlatesEdible Dinner Plates
 Diane Bisson, a Université de Montréal industrial design professor, teamed up with chefs and a dietitian to create recipes for edible plates and containers in various shapes, all made without preservatives, artificial colours or sugar.

She focused on using vegetables and vegetable flours, such as water chestnut flour, as well as fruit, beans and bean flours. A dish that paired grilled, caramelized fennel with white beans was the inspiration for one plate.Colours of the containers spanned the spectrum from red to yellow, orange, green, brown and black. She used quinoa and poppyseed flour to make one black container. (via thestar.com) 
Be on the lookout for more in the line...as the demand for sustainable ways of liveing become more necessary, or grab the book and follow the journey!Edible Dinner Plates

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