July 27, 2010

well i've done the plates... now the glasses

SUGAR GLASSES??? WHAT?? stop the madness!! hahaha
Sugar-Glasses-1.jpgJelloware Cups Transform Summer Picnics Into Hot, Sticky Messes
SO not only are cool drinks the bees knees during the summer... but add a cup made of sugar.. or sugar-esque stuff is almost enough to bowl you right over!!
Fast forward to these colorful cups that are entirely out of agar agar and cast in different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet. They can actually enhance the flavor of the drink being held in them. Jelloware is meant to be thrown into the grass after it is used, as agar agar is a seaweed extract and actually nurtures the growth of plants. So not only do the glasses give you a sugary treat, but they also benefit the world we live in!! 

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