July 19, 2010

Pop WOK and drop it!

I'm an entertainer... whether it be on stage with a mic.. in a pair of tap shoes on stage... or in the kitchen choppin up veggies...entertaining's in my blood, a part of my soul! more than anything i love having people over and feeding them!! 
So since fondue-ing and 'self-cooking'  has been on my agenda as of late... i thought THIS would be a perfect addition to previous posts said menagerie of gadgets!! 
Group Cooking: 6 Person Mini Wok Set | Random Good Stuff
How FUN would that dinner party be i ask you?!?!?! 
You can find more info HERE but fair warning.. it's in German.  LOL Doesn't mean you can't buy it for me though.... € 59.95 will get er here!! 

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