October 12, 2011

B Day Lusticle #1 - Baking Shit.

I know you all have been sitting there, waiting patiently for me to get my shit together and start my Birthday Lusticles.. yes i know you have.... 
it's totally ok to admit it. 
SO on we go... with 
#1.....The Split Decision Pan..... 
Yep.. you see correctly.. that's TWO pies in ONE pan!!
#2 Speaking of Pies..... 
Isn't that just the BEES KNEES!!! Oh wait.. i'm sick of seeing my bees knees everywhere... so isn't this the CHEEZ WHIZ BIZ!! yes.. i want one. 
#3 A mixer to call my Very own

I'm not your everyday cook.. so i should not have an everyday mixer!! 
I want .. no NEED one of these!!! 

#4 Just Because... i'm a Diiiiiiiv.... 
Tabletop Marble slab grilling... Yeah... you have NO idea what it's like to roll with me! LOL 
and finally #5 .... Treats IN Treats... kinda the story of my life!! 

If you're a favorite of mine.. you will DEF be thanking me later!!! 
and if you're not.... well buy you're own and give it a whirl....i know you will!! bwahahaha

That's all for this edition of Birthday Lusticles... see you tomorrow with the next list lol
*signing off with kitchy X's & O's* 

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