January 31, 2011

Cartier lust listicle!!

As a fan of Christian Dior... Louis Vuitton... Chanel.. etc.. you can guess that my style leans to the more classic side!! I've been a Cartier fan since i was a wee tike... it's timeless style has always been a great appeal to me.....
So i bring to you my 2011 Cartier Lust List!!!
Lighters; which will run you around $1000....
Next are the glasses.... Panthere de Cartier.. to be exact. 
Rings... Again why stray from the Panthere collection!! i do love big cats!
And perhaps the thing I'm lusting after more than any other thing on any of my lust lists... has to be the Cartier Love Bracelet....
Cartier's long running amazingness.. has been around since the summer of love (1969) and when re-launched last year.. has had a take off effect!! everyone has been seen sporting them.. but as usual i've been lusting after these loooong before it was cool to cop Cartier!! ;) 
Anything and Everything you have seen here can be found on  Cartier's Website

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