January 13, 2011

Cuff me!!

It's not often that one says the words 'cuff me' and it not have an extreme meaning..good or bad... but in this case... CUFF ME!! 
Thanks to Modcloth you can get cuffed anytime and very fashionably too i might add!! 
Stud-dy as She Bows
First we have MY fave.. the Stud-dy as She Bows $37.99 and also comes in a pink. Find yours WHen you Click HERE 
Perfect Little Something Cuff
Then we have a Perfect Little Something Cuff which runs for $14.99 Click HERE ; and last but not least.. we got 
Cuff Love
Cuff Love.. which has a $14.99 tag attached and can be found 
So in essence... guess you should start clickin and gettin cuffed!! 

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