January 13, 2011

My Current Lust List

I have a bad habit.. and that habit is shopping.
It's not the only bad habit i have,, but it seems to be the one i spend the most time on!! This time I've focused all my efforts on Henri Bendel... 
So for your viewing pleasure.. I give you my current lust list.. to be updated and amended at my discretion. 
Jetsetter Bow Clutch gallery 0
Henri Bendel's jet setter clutch.. Adoooooorable!! It retails for $175 and can be found HERE
Henri Bendel Cashmere Blanket gallery 0
Nothing's better than Cashmere when I'm talking lusty things!! (PG lusty things that is) 
It's $398 when you buy my mine HERE
Double Duty Stack Ring gallery 0
Let's talk rings... double rings!! everything is better the second time around.. and since this has the first AND second time present.. well i think you are all set!!
$98 and a click on THIS LINK will get you the double stacked!!

TKO Slap Watch gallery 0TKO Slap Watch gallery 0
For All you 80's Kids out there that remember the Slap Bracelet..Here's the Slap WATCH for you!! 
There's also accessory packs and everything!! SAWEEEET!! Watches are $50 and packs are $35.

I hope you enjoyed my Henri Bendel Lust Listicle today!!

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