January 4, 2011

"the Talk"

Over the holiday season, i had to have a sit down talk with some family members about the length of time you are supposed to keep cosmetics!!

So it seems I'm as guilty as the next in not throwing things out when i should....but as i swept through my dressing room and spent some serious time thinking about the length of time i had had some of these products... i was scared. Unfortunately the FDA doesn't require cosmetic companies to declare an expiration date, so the responsibility falls on the consumer as much as the manufacturer. 
As a free-lance make-up artist for a reputable cosmetic company...let me help you in the cleaning and questioning process!!! 
These dates are not concrete, and i have suggested a few ways to determine the 'freshness' of your cosmetics as well... but for general guidelines... 
  • Concealer and Foundation: 6-8 months
  • Powder-based makeup (blush, bronzer, pressed powder): 1 year
  • Eyeliner: 1 year
  • Lip gloss and lip stick: 1 year
  • Mascara: 3 to 4 months
  • Eye shadow: 1 year
  • Sunscreen: 6 months
Since some of us don't always know the exact date when you purchased your cosmetics.... it happens... here are a few things to look for before use...
1. Smell. If the product doesn't 'smell' right... it probably isn't. 
2. if the color or consistency isn't the same as when you bought it.. or for powder based make-up.. there's an oily film across the top of the surface.... toss it out... or change the applicator and scrape off the top of the powder with the gunk. 
3. If the color is distorted or different than when originally purchased... yep.. toss it. 
1. Do not share mascara... eyeliner or lip products. Other people bacteria doesn't help the situation of preservation very well!! 
2. Store in a cool dry place away from the sun and excessive heat. 
3. WASH YOUR BRUSHES!!! nothing grosses me out more than unwashed brushes!! Not only are you adding bacteria onto an already funky surface.. then you go ahead and apply it to the face... um that's a NO!! Clinique has one of the best brush cleaners around. Do your face a favor and get it!!! 

Well now that we've had "the talk" go out and enjoy a clean face and new cosmetics!!! 

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