August 20, 2010


In all of the years that i have been baking and cooking up a storm, it recently occurred to me, that i have never owned an apron! What kind of madness is that???Especially since there are so many cute ones to sport!! 
yes, i can see a new obsession starting to form.
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Black/white paw print apronBlack/white paw print apron
Obviously not gonna say Georgia LOL
I LOVE LUCY ...... RETRO red BLACK POLKA DOT APRON with fifties details make a sexy hostess gift and is vintage inspired flirty womens full apron
The BELLA Vintage Inspired Black and White Damask Full Apron
Ps.... these would be GREAT birthday presents... mark the day 11/10!! lol... 
Happy Friday Folks... get to bakin! XOXO

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