August 24, 2010

CookBook Extravaganza

I've probably read more cookbooks than any other kind of books in the last few years... and there's a few reason why..
1. more pictures less words
2. i'm writing my own, so essentially i'm working! 
3. the ideas that come from these are stupendous
3. Cookbooks never go outta style so even the old ones are super cool to read
4.did i mention more pictures?? LOL

Anyway, i decided to see what, by professional culinary standards, are the BEST cookbooks ever constructed.
There are 50 on the list, but i figured i'd narrow it down to the top ten! If you are interested in the others, just CLICK HERE!  

The 50 Best Cookbooks of All-Time put together by the Observer out of the UK:

Here's the top 10:
10. Great Dishes of the World Robert Carrier (Marshall Cavendish, 1963)
9. Sichuan Cookery Fuchsia Dunlop (Penguin, 2003)
8. The Classic Italian Cookbook Marcella Hazan (Papermac, 1973)
7. Thai Food David Thompson (Pavillion Books, 2002)
6. English Food Jane Grigson (Ebury Press, 1974)
5. Roast Chicken and Other Stories Simon Hopkinson with Lindsey Bareham (Ebury Press, 1994)
4. Kitchen Diaries Nigel Slater (4th Estate, 2005)
3. The Book of Jewish Food Claudia Roden (Penguin, 1996)
2. French Provincial Cooking Elizabeth David (Penguin, 1960)
1. The French Menu Cookbook Richard Olney (Ten Speed Press, 1970)

The only one i own or have have seen is number 7, although I have yet to try and cook any Thai food... lol
DO you see any of your faves on here??? PS i love that half of the list were written before i was born!! makes turning 30 not so bad :) 


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